"Thank you so much for your support! We are very happy with the instrument. It is the easiest and most reliable piece we have."

Caitlyn Frankum - Laboratory Quality Manager - Parker Hannifin Corporation

"Highly competitive pricing for high-end equipment."

Anthony - Operational Manager - Hoek Iron

"High quality certified test blocks and excellent customer service. "

Livnat - Operator - WIPRO GIVON

"I am really satisfied with the level of support. It included detailed communication and videos for extra detail."

Kevin Williams - Quality Control Manager - GKN Automotive

"It has been a good experience, smooth and no issues."

Timothy S. - Senior Engineer - Rosemount, Inc. (Emerson Corporation)

"The team was fantastic. We were originally going with a different company that we found out was trying to up-sale us. NextGen was honest and helpful in finding us what we needed and getting it to us when we needed it."

Amy Morgan - Engineering and Purchasing - Friends University

"NextGen has provided reliable service throughout the purchase of a new microindentation hardness tester and laboratory consumables."

Matt W. - Engineering - Applied Thermal Technologies

"The product consultant is very helpful with all the questions and verification check with regards to the equipment compliance with the standard test method."

Eliseo C. - Senior Engineer - City of Edmonton

"Really great customer service! 10 out of 10."

Emily F. - Quality Purchasing - Prince and Izant

"We had purchased three hardness testers from NextGen Material Testing, for our heat treating plant in Ohio. The machine line up included the macro Vickers hardness testing system, the digital Brinell hardness tester and the digital Rockwell hardness testing systems. Each machine is truly easy to operate and took less than 2 hours for our engineering team to master. The software that comes with the macro Vickers hardness testing system with the CCD optical analysis option is able to automatically capture the indentation and eliminate all human error factor from our engineering team. The digital Brinell hardness tester also came with a CCD optical Brinell scope which, to our surprise, was able to capture an accurate reading even on a non-polished metal surface. Lastly, the digital Rockwell hardness testing system was a twin model which allows us to read both regular and superficial Rockwell hardness scales with fantastic accuracy and ease of use. Our experience was enhanced by the quick response time from NextGen's engineering team for when we needed support. Their staff is educated and works to your advantage. The hardness test blocks for all three hardness testers are also always in stock and come to our facility within 1 week of the order. We highly recommend NextGen to our fellow manufacturers."

Thomas B - Quality Control Engineer - Heat Treating

"I love the customer service you guys provide. Although it is always nice to have a pleasant voice on the other line, what I appreciate the most are the precise solutions I get by phone and email within minutes of my inquiries. My favorite type of business to deal with is one that combines elements of a large corporation for the peace of mind with an individualized family approach to our every need in a timely and efficient matter. If this approach works for me, I am sure this will benefit many others. Thank you guys!"

Richard G - Quality Engineer - FCP USA

"When it comes to technical support, NextGen is like no other equipment provider. We always get a lightning fast responses from their technical staff. These guys are really good at understanding our needs and delivering promptly based on our requests. Customer service was able to track my order and provide me with the current updates throughout the estimated lead time. We appreciate a company who can stand by their word in communication and deliverables."

Jim T - Metallography Laboratory Supervisor - Premium Coil

"Our educational facility has previously dealt with over 10 different vendors for quality testing equipment for our laboratory. NextGen Material Testing, Inc. is a vendor with quality equipment, corporate integrity and exceptional prices to match the available budget for our educational facility. I am impressed with how NextGen delivers immediate responses to any of our technical inquiries with their trained professionals. We are excited to upgrade some of our other laboratory instruments with NextGen again this year."

Jenny M - Research and Development Coordinator - University of Minnesota

"Fast results and high reliability is how I would summarize this Automatic Blaine apparatus. This purchase from NextGen has been a real joy. This may be the first piece of quality control equipment we had purchased from any manufacturer of quality control equipment that literally gave us no hard time. The guys at NextGen took good care of us in the set-up process and showed how simple it is to operate the machine. The touch screen is impressive and simple to use. The unit does its job better than expected and cost less than 3 other sourced quotes."

Sean K - Quality Control Department - Cemex

"Brilliant design and ease-of-use. NextGen's Automatic Vicat Apparatuses are an integral part of our quality testing needs in our cement lab. Precision and simplicity of use are very important to our facility due to various types of engineering teams we have. We purchased the 3 Automatic Vicat combo with the applicable software. The accuracy and the functionality are on the highest level. After using the manual Vicat for many years, this was surely the upgrade of the century for our government facility."

Richard R - Quality Control Engineer - Oklahoma Department of Transportation

"When searching for a Shore A and D durometer system we were needing a combination of a portable shore durometer system and a shore durometer stand for our in lab quality testing on rubber and plastic polymers. Finding accurate Shore A and D durometer system was a priority for our laboratory due to the nature of tests that we do on daily basis. Additionally, we required a long-lasting unit because of our testing needs for 100-150 specimens on any given day. Tom, the quality engineering consultant at NextGen, did a wonderful job with us. He first found out what shore durometer system technical requirements we have. He then provided us with a solution that was both cost-effective, robust and accurate. We ended up purchasing the NG-306L - Shore A Durometer as well as NG-307L Shore D Durometer alongside the NG-7000 Hydraulic stand series for our bench top needs. The shore measuring systems are accurate and ergonomic. Contrary to the popular belief the read outs on the analogue display are clear and concise. To add to the compliments, the pricing was fantastic and because they items were in stock we had received our systems within 2 business days."

Rick Thomas - Polymer and Plastics Division - Pacific Gas and Electric

"We had acquired the Rock Specimen Grinder for our educational facility. The fully automatic rock specimen grinding machine is one of our university's prides and joys. The unit is very simple to use and works like a charm. Our primary use for the rock core grinder machine is on cubic cores of 2.5 in diameter. The clamping device secures the core in its place allowing for a clean grind which meets the parallelism requirements according to our facility's required standards. We use the dry grinding procedure only due to the type of material that we have with above than satisfactory results. Before buying the rock specimen grinding machine we watched a video available on NextGen's site which gave a clear understanding of how the unit would work in our facility. The unit seems to work even better in person than it does on the video. Our engineers are thrilled to have such a robust precise and easy-to-operate machine in our lab."

Samantha F - Civil Engineering Department - Virginia Tech

"Excellent Customer service and the equipment is simple enough that you can make your own repairs. Even, if we are at the other side of the country and we broke the machine, we were able to asses and make the repair with their help. Any other company would have asked to send the machine back for repair and would have been costly."

Juan Jose Marin Bejarano - Quality Control Manager - Bradken Metallurgical

"We bought a Micro Vickers with image analysis and it's fine. Good seller, good products, good price and good support. We can not ask for more!(Original) Nous avons acheté un micro Vickers avec analyse d'image et il va trés bien. Bon vendeur, bon produits, bon prix et bon support. On ne peux pas demander mieux!"

Dany Racine - Quality Control Engineer - University of Quebec

"Excellent customer service! The guys and girls at the after-sales support are very helpful and return my calls and e-mails right away to answer my questions. The equipment also came earlier than the estimated lead time and the prices for the same quality was lower than the 4 other companies we compared before buying. The equipment was easy to install and the manuals and video were accurate and helpful. We look forward to ordering consumables and more equipment with you in the future."

Mike P - Quality Control Manager - Emerson Electric

"NextGen Material Testing, Inc. customer service is awesome. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly. We have been fortunate to have had very good experiences in this domain over the years but these guys are the tops! They provide quality equipment at a good price. Meticulous, professional, detail oriented, kind, respectful they were prompt when we had a question or concern. Thank you for the professional service!"

Sam Barniz - Engineering Department - MSI Inc.

"Good pricing. Responsive in the quoting process. Prompt support for issues."

Robert Duncan - Senior Quality Engineer - Norma Group

"I just recently purchased an NG1000 CCD tester for my quality testing lab. George, in sales, helped me to locate the correct tester for my needs and provided me with the necessary quotation. I compared prices for similar equipment and found NextGen to be very reasonable.They gave me a good price on shipping and took care of the customs clearance charges into the USA. The tester was delivered and was quick to set up. NextGen's team was always easy to reach for providing quick updates on the status of my order. The equipment is of high quality and meets everything promised. Thank you NextGen for providing excellent service throughout."

Michael Chen - Quality Department - University of Western New England

"NextGen works very effeciently. The deliveries were very punctual. We bought the test bars for two shipments none of them were delayed. For the second shipment, the staff assisted me in booking the materials as well as rechecking with me for packing preference. All and all, the staff provided very impressive service quality which we are very impressed. I highly recommend NextGen Material Testing to those who are looking for equipment for inspection or testing."

Gasides Rattanamanoch - Overseas Purchasing Staff - VISAVAKIT PATANA CORP., LTD.

"We equipped our entire laboratory with NextGen's product line up. GenCut - Abrasive and Precision Cutters, GenGrind SA-IC - Semi-automatic polisher and grinder, GenPress MFA- fully automatic mounting press, GenGrind Belt BT - table top bench grinder and NG1000 CCD - Vickers Hardness tester. Our clients come to visit every quarter to check up on us and give us hell. This is how they normally motivate us. When they saw metallographic equipment and the grinding, mounting and cutting processes, we experienced our first genuine compliment. Well done NextGen!"

Dragana S. - Laboratory Manager - Heroux Devtek

"We purchased a core grinder from NextGen. The unit is very high quality and super easy to train on. The machine meets our current and expanding grinding needs based on the corresponding ASTM standard. We are now looking to upgrade our metallographic line up with NextGen."

John T. - Civil Engineer - US Military Corps of Engineers

"We ordered a free hardness test block as part of Nextgen's promotion and received two within a week, so we got a nice bonus. The test blocks were nicely packaged and with a full calibration cert so NextGen's service was excellent."

Kim Riehman - Quality Assurance Manager - Ward Manufacturing Company